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Welcome to the event Business Tech-X-ecution!

The business landscape of today is more intensely innovative than ever before. Development is in large driven by the change potential enabled by new digital solutions, services and business logic.

Strong movements within digital development areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data/Analytics, SAAS, IoT and Cloud Security are but a few examples of fantastic enablers that will bring great opportunities for our lifes, our customers and our businesses.

However, the development will also put a massive pressure on our organizations to change and refine our business logic, or even, in some extreme cases, to reinvent our reason for existence in the market place.


Critical Success Factors

Future success depends on your ability to navigate in this fast moving digital ecosystem – and you will need distinct and clear answers to questions such as:

  • What business opportunities are right now being unveiled in the digital ecosystem?
  • Which digital development areas are most crucial for the development of your industry and how will they impact your business?
  • Rational business development – what parts of the digital ecosystem will have a substantial impact on the business logic of your market and hence, where should you invest your time, effort and money to maintain and strengthen your market position?
  • How do you successfully adapt and change?


The purpose of the conference

  • INSPIRE → To inspire business leaders on how to navigate successfully in an innovation intensive business landscape
  • GUIDE → To guide business leaders among the most crucial digital development areas and discuss how these areas impact the business logic of markets and industries
  • KNOWLEDGE → To give business leaders adequate knowledge and understanding in order to make decisions regarding:
    • Business direction of the future
    • How to prioritize between digital development projects
    • Where to start and how to set the development in motion


Target Group

  • Management, management teams, business leaders and decision makers, middle managers/line managers
  • Business developers, business strategists, project and program managers
  • CIO, CDO, IT management and similar roles (managers, specialists, development etc.)
  • Consultants within the areas of management, IT, tech, law
  • Investors and representatives from business owners/Board of Directors
Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda November 21

09.00 Welcome to Business Tech-X-ecution – Navigating the Digital Ecosystem

Erik Wahlin, Editor in Chief, Affärsvärlden
Christian Helgesson, CEO, Edlegio

09:15 The Digital Ecosystem (part 1) – overview of the most important and business critical digital development trends

09:45 How to navigate in an intensively innovative business environment – successful strategies, methods and tools

10.15 Coffee break

10.45 The Digital Ecosystem (part 2) – a closer look at the most important and business critical digital development trends

10:45 Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

11:30 Blockchain & Open Ledger

12.15 Lunch break

13:15 5G – enabling radical business transformation

14:00 Big Data & Analytics

14:40 Coffee Break

15:10 Robotics (RPA)

15.50 Cyber Security

16:30 Success factors for managing and implementing digital transformation in your organization – business direction, how to prioritize between digital development projects, where to start and how to set the development in motion

17:00 Summary and conclusions

17:15 End of Business Tech-X-ecution 2019

Practical Info & Contact

Practical information & Contact

Conference Date:
November 21, 2019

Conference Venue:
Garnisonen Conference Center
Karlavägen 100

Conference Price:
SEK 1495 (appr. €150) for bookings latest 30.08.2019
SEK 2495 (appr. €250) for bookings latest 11.10.2019
SEK 3995 (appr. €399) for bookings after 12.10.2019

Business Tech-X-ecution 2019 Steering Group:

  • Erik Wahlin
    Erik Wahlin Editor in Chief, Affärsvärlden
  • Christian Helgesson
    Christian Helgesson CEO, Edlegio
  • Maja Magnusson
    Maja Magnusson Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer, Care to Translate
  • Siavash Habibi
    Siavash Habibi Chief Strategy Officer, TechBuddy
  • Åsa Severgårdh
    Åsa Severgårdh Director Marketing, Projects & New Business, Edlegio
  • Johan Eklund
    Johan Eklund Reporter, Affärsvärlden

Contact for inquiries:
Christian Helgesson: (conference program, registration of groups etc.)
Åsa Severgårdh: (partnerships etc.)

Phone: +46 8 796 65 60

Edlegio AB, Fleminggatan 7, floor 2, Stockholm, Sweden



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