5G Summit - Nordic Conference


Radical transformation of the business landscape!

We are now entering a super connected, increasingly fast moving, 5G enabled world. The 5G infrastructure will become the engine of the connected world and unlock new business opportunities, new business models, processes and partnerships and thereby provide a fruitful environment for radical transformation of the business landscape.

The new mobile network, 5G, will offer connectivity that is much more reliable, with faster speed and lower latency than ever before. The network will drive a huge boost in the Internet of Things technology, provide the infrastructure needed to transport huge amounts of data and support a massive amount of Things, enabling a smarter and more connected world.

Is your organisation ready to use 5G as a competitive advantage and as an opportunity in business transformation? Have you developed a 5G strategy as a basis? Do you know how to use 5G technology to support your future value creation?

Creating awareness of 5G as a game changer to improve the productivity of enterprise and public management at large

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new independent 5G event anticipating to become THE leading conference for the application and use of 5G as a driver for business transformation in Northern Europe and a must attend event for those eager to stay abreast to the major technological innovation facing this worldwide multi billion dollar industry.

The 5G Summit covers the industry’s most pressing topics, piecing together the 5G puzzle and highlighting key areas of network innovation such as Virtualization and the 5G Cloud, 5G Automation and Intelligence, 5G Transport and the Edge, RAN Evolution and 5G services.

The summit will increase your understanding on how 5G will:

  • ENABLE → New strategic business opportunities, new business models and new business logic
  • DRIVE → Innovation, growth, transformation and productivity
  • PROVIDE → New opportunities for partnerships
  • IMPACT → The competence structure of your organization for further growth
  • UNLOCK → New dimensions of the business landscape for corporations as well as public organizations

The conference is designed to give you a a foundation, understanding and tools to meet the challenges and develop business opportunities using 5G. Across the two days you will enjoy access to multiple keynote sessions representing a broad spectrum of the business alongside other segments of the value chain. You will learn about real case studies giving examples on new business, evaluate best practices to maximize opportunities and international experts will guide and provide thought leadership.

Join executives and leading minds that are instrumental in the development and use of the next generation network technology at 5G Summit. Grab the opportunity to meet peers to discuss challenges and opportunities forming in the new 5G landscape – book your seat already today!

Target group

The target groups are primarily European middle and senior management in various vertical industries and public administration:

  • Management teams, general managers and/or decision makers in large, medium sized or small companies/industries or public administration
  • Business developers, business strategists, project and program managers etc
  • CIO, CDO, IT management, IT strategists and/or similar roles
  • Consultancies  – management, IT, technology, legal or other SME:s with a connection to the development of the 5G business logic
  • Board members and investors
Agenda (May 22)

Conference Agenda (May 22)

09.00 Welcome to 5G Business Summit – introduction

Per Danielsson, Editor in Chief, Ny Teknik and Chairman of 5G Business Summit
Erik Wahlin, Editor in Chief, Affärsvärlden
Christian Helgesson, CEO, Edlegio
Henrik Abramowicz, Independent Consultant and Telecom Specialist.

Key takeaways

5G development is becoming mature and being gradually launched. During 5G Business Summit you will learn more about the benefits and usage from a business perspective – current status, worldwide plans and how particular segments can benefit!

09.15 5G as Business Transformer

Kenneth WallstedtKenneth Wallstedt, Director of Technology Strategy, Ericsson

Key takeaways & Speaker information

5G is focusing more on business and industry than previous mobile networks generations and will be essential in transforming business and society at large. This talk will describe how 5G can facilitate and digitise business and improve productivity.

Kenneth Wallstedt is Director, Technology Strategy, in the Ericsson CTO office where he focuses on the company’s 5G strategy. He has 28 years of international experience in mobile communications from various leading positions in Ericsson’s research, development and market units in Canada, Sweden, and the US.

09.45 5G for Transportation and Connected Cars

Markus DillingerMarkus Dillinger, Director for 5G Industry Communications, Huawei

Key takeaways & Speaker information

Key success factors for the future

  • Industrials services benefiting from 5G usage
  • Performance KPIs for industry (e.g. automotive) using 5G
  • Automotive standards impacted by 5G
  • 3GPP R16 for 5GV2X

Markus Dillinger, Director for 5G Industry Communications, Huawei. Markus is head of 5G R&D for verticals at Huawei and Executive Committee member of 5G Automotive Association (5GAA). He has extensive experiences in mobile technologies and is specialized in 5G for Automotive, enterprise platforms and networks.

10.15 5G as Game Changer

Volker ZieglerDr Volker Ziegler, B5G Leadership, Nokia Bell Labs & CTO

Key takeaways & Speaker information
  • Meeting vertical digital industry needs end-to-end – 5G Future X
  • Exploring the URLLC frontier – the value of openness
  • Execution makes the difference – real life cases

Dr Volker Ziegler, B5G Leadership, Nokia Bell Labs & CTO. He leads  the Nokia e2e 5G program with special emphasis on 5G era technology, innovation and architecture; drives roadmap alignment for 5G differentiation and growth across Nokia Mobile Networks and other business groups in close cooperation with Nokia e2e solution and Mobile Networks sales.

10.45 Coffee break

11.15 5G in Action

Mischa DohlerMischa Dohler, Full Professor in Wireless Communications, King’s College London

Key takeaways & Speaker information

5G in Action

This talk will describe the Making of 5G – Our Real-World Lessons Learned:

  • Pioneering development of a new Internet which allows transmission of skills (touch and movement)
  • Importance and role of 5G in terms of ultra-low latency connectivity tech
  • Lessons learned from rollouts and outreach to verticals

Mischa Dohler is full Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London, driving cross-disciplinary research and innovation in technology, sciences and arts. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET); and a Distinguished Member of Harvard Square Leaders Excellence.

11:40 From Policy to Action – Radio Spectrum is the Lifeblood of 5G

Jonas WesselJonas Wessel, Chairman Radio Spectrum Policy Group, RSPG and Director of the Resource Management Department, Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS)

Key takeaways & Speaker information
  • The Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) setting the stage for the 5G European policy direction
  • What needs to happen nationally throughout Europe in the Spectrum dimension regarding spectrum?
  • What does this mean for the Swedish market?

Jonas Wessel is Director of the Spectrum Department at the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS). He is also Chair of the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) for the 2018-2019 period. The RSPG is a high-level advisory group that assists the European Commission in the development of radio spectrum policy. Jonas holds a MSC from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). He has been one of the driving forces behind the transformation of spectrum management in Sweden and has also been working with these issues internationally.

12.00 Lunch break

13.00 5G and beyond – challenges and opportunities for the next decade

Peter StuckmannPeter Stuckmann, Head of Unit, Future Connectivity Systems, DG CONNECT, European Commission.

Key takeaways & Speaker information

5G and beyond – challenges and opportunities for the next decade

  • 5G Action Plan – where do we stand?
  • 5G investments in Europe
  • The EU 5G trial strategy
  • Cyber-security in 5G networks
  • Beyond 5G
  • Unlocking investment under the next EU budget

13.15 5G – a General overview

Hugo TullbergHugo Tullberg, Treasurer and Board member at The 5G Infrastructure Association (5GIA)

Key takeaways & Speaker information
  • What is the current status of 5G?
  • How can European ecosystem stakeholders take a pragmatic view at how 5G can enable verticals like automotive, healthcare and media?
  • 5GIA – researching for the industry and the possibility to set the standards
  • European focus on industrial enablement

Hugo Tullberg, Treasurer and Board member at The 5G Infrastructure Association (5GIA). Hugo has a long career from the telecom research and industry, and has extensive experience of international collaboration projects. He holds a Ph.D in communication theory and systems from the University of California, San Diego.

13.30 5G Panel Discussion: a Macro Overview of the Advantages and Challenges

Marie Wall, Deputy Director Startups at the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise.
Helena Nordman-Knutson, Executive Director, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson and former institutional investment analyst with a focus on the telecom segment
Peter Stuckmann, Head of Unit, Future Connectivity Systems, DG CONNECT, European Commission
Prith Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), ANSYS
Dr Volker Ziegler, B5G Leadership, Nokia Bell Labs & CTO, Nokia Mobile Networks
Markus Dillinger
, Director for 5G Industry Communications, Huawei
Kenneth Wallstedt
, Director of Technology Strategy, Ericsson

Key takeaways & Speaker information

This 5G panel will share experiences of what changes 5G can deliver for consumers, businesses and society in general, and how these can be achieved.

  • How will the next generation wireless network create jobs and drive growth besides enabling a host of new technologies?
  • With an expected 5G market annual growth at 70 % the coming years – where do investors look to play the 5G boom?
  • The academic bet on 5G – research collaborations and technology developments underway in search of 5G excellence
  • How to balance accelerating technological progress and governments’ responsibility to improve economic conditions and citizens’ wellbeing?

14.15 European 5G Observatory: How fast is 5G Developing in Europe?

Frederic PujolFrédéric Pujol, Radio Technology & Spectrum practice leader, IDATE

Key takeaways & Speaker information

European 5G Observatory: How fast is 5G Developing in Europe?

  • European and international scoreboards
  • 5G spectrum, 5G trials and first commercial launches

Frédéric PUJOL, Radio Technology & Spectrum practice leader. Frédéric Pujol joined IDATE in November 1992. As Director of the Wireless Practice, he is responsible for coordinating mobile industry forecasting and technical-economic analysis reports. Previously, Frédéric acquired solid experience in mobile network architecture working for the France Telecom Group (Sofrecom, Telesystems). He holds a post-graduate degree in engineering from ISEN (Institut Supérieur d’Electronique du Nord, Lille, 1986), where he majored in Telecommunications, and from CITCOM (Centre d’Ingénierie des Technologies de la Communication, Paris, 1987), where he majored in Network Architecture.

14:45 Simulation-based Product Innovation Platforms for the 5G World

Prith BanerjeePrith Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), ANSYS

Key takeaways & Speaker information

Simulation-based Product Innovation Platforms for the 5G World

  • How 5G drives business transformations for customers, service providers, and equipment providers
  • The opportunity for telco service providers and equipment providers to “move up the value stack” in terms of higher-level applications and services
  • How simulation allow customers, service providers, equipment providers, chip manufacturers, and software developers to all work together in all phases of a product development lifecycle including Ideation, Design Manufacturing, Operations, and In-Product
  • The future directions of simulation-based product innovation around AI/Machine Learning, Multi-physics Platforms, Hyperscale Simulation, and the convergence of the Digital and Physical worlds using IOT and AR/VR

Prith Banerjee is the Chief Technology Officer of ANSYS. He is responsible for leading the evolution of ANSYS’ Technology strategy and will champion the company’s next phase of innovation and growth.

Previously, he was Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry where he was responsible for IOT and Digital Transformation in the Global Industrial Practice. Prior to that, he was Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer of Schneider Electric. Previously, he was Managing Director of Global Technology Research and Development at Accenture. Formerly, he was Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of ABB, a power and automation company in Zurich, Switzerland. Earlier, he was Senior Vice President of Research at HP and Director of HP Labs.

15:10 5G – Innovation in Partnership

Mats LundbäckMats Lundbäck, Chief Technology Officer, Telia Sweden

Key takeaways & Speaker information

5G – Innovation in partnership
5G will be a great leap for the connected life, industry, and society. The technology holds great potential for economic growth and a more sustainable future. However, to fully take advantage of the technology we need to rethink our business models and start to collaborate in partnerships.

Mats Lundbäck, Chief Technology Officer, at Telia Sweden. He leads the Swedish 5G-roll out and Telia’s unique 5G-partnership program, where partners, such as Einride, Volvo CE and Tieto and others, are given the opportunity to explore the technical and business opportunities of 5G ahead of the commercial launch in 2020.

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 Status Standardisation – 5G Requirements, a 3GPP Perspective

Toon NorpToon Norp, Senior Business Consultant, TNO

Key takeaways & Speaker information

The session is about main drivers for 5G, Mobile BroadBand and Ultra-Reliable Low Latency.

  • Communication, massive Machine Type Communication
  • Requirements for different vertical sectors (e.g. V2X, industry, public safety, multimedia content production)
  • 5G Key Performance indicators (e.g. bitrates, latency, position accuracy)

Toon Norp, Senior Business Consultant at TNO, 3GPP SA1 chairman on behalf of KPN. Toon is focused on network aspects of mobile communications. He advises European operators on strategy, and architecture related to mobile core network. He has also been involved in standardization of mobile networks for more than 20 years.

The afternoon is devoted to case studies in several relevant areas as manufacturing, transportation/connected cars and City Management:

16:30 Future Mobility in a Crowd Wise World

Karolina BjurehedKarolina Bjurehed, Digital Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Volvo Cars

Key takeaways & Speaker information
  • What if the traffic system was like a God? A system where public safety is the paramount priority
  • What would it take to have super powers? Will 5G connected devices know us better than we know ourselves?
  • 5G disruption or enhancement? How will 5G transform how we live our daily lives and the future of our business models?


Karolina Bjurehed is an experienced manager of the Volvo Cars Digital Partnerships and Business Development team, specializing in external partnerships and future mobility, particularly in urban settings. Karolina has long experience from both Telecom and Connectivity.

16:50 Transformation of the Transportation Industry – How to use 5G Infrastructure for Future Transport Systems

Pär DegermanPär Degerman, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Einride

Key takeaways & Speaker information
  • The transport sector is ripe for the digital revolution, with digtialization, data driven insights and new types of vehicles everything changes
  • The autonomous vehicles of the future is connected, they are working as parts of a system and not as the individual and disconnected vehicles of yesterday
  • 5G will be a key enabler for the digitalization journey of all industrial processes, the key for us to create a better tomorrow

Pär Degerman is the CTO of Einride, the innovative and fast paced Swedish startup with the aim of disrupting the transport sector with a sustainable, safe and cost efficient system based on electric and autonomous freight vehicles. Pär has a history working with connected and autonomous solutions and have been working within standardization topics on C-ITS topics towards ISO and ETSI as well as being appointed an industry expert in the DG MOVE led C-ITS Platform.

17:10 Forestry needs 5G

Olle GelinOlle Gelin, Skogforsk

Key takeaways & Speaker information
  • Good connectivity is necessary for production quality and precision forestry
  • Next generation machine system requires fast response times and big data volumes
  • 5G will decrease emission and improve environmental impact

17.30 Closing remarks

Per Danielsson, Editor in Chief, Ny Teknik

17.45 Cocktails & Networking

5G Summit - Cocktails

Workshop Streams (May 23)

Parallel Workshop Streams (May 23)

Day 2 is dedicated to deepening our knowledge within three different parallel workshop streams. Below, you will find some brief information on each session and thereby you can select the one that fits your interest the best. Each workshop stream is led by a senior business coach facilitating discussions during the half day of work. Choose between the three streams presented below, you will make your choice in the registration form.

Workshop Stream 1 (08:30-12:00): 5G for Manufacturing

Magnus Billgren


Magnus Billgren, Senior Adviser, CEO and founder of Tolpagorni Product Management

Workshop agenda Stream 1

08:30 Welcome and introduction

09:00 Case presentation – inspiration and examples

09:00 How the manufacturing vertical benefits from 5G – case study Unibap

  • Intel’s role in 5G
  • Why industrial/manufacturing is a key 5G use case
  • Overview of Unibap and their solution and how it is benefited by 5G

Fredrik BruhnDr. Fredrik Bruhn, CEO UNibap, is a serial entrepreneur, having started several high-tech companies ranging from satellite manufacturing, robotics, and artificial intelligence. He is co-founder of Unibap, a Swedish high-tech company pursuing sustainability andimproved work environment through innovative solutions for Smart Factories. He earned his Ph.D. and M.Sc. from Uppsala University and is a graduate of Stockholm School of Economics Executive management program, International Space University, European Space Agency summer school and is an Eisenhower Fellow. He has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by EY and worked as a guest researcher at  NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Since, 2013 an Adjunct Professor in Robotics and Avionics at Mälardalen University (MDH) in the Intelligent future technologies group, Embedded systems division of the School of Innovation, Design, and Engineering.

Lennart ChristenssonLennart Christensson, M.Sc.T.Ph, Sr. Solutions Director, Predix Apps & Platform GE Digital. Provides expertise in IIoT, MES & Automation with a focus to support GE Digital Sales & Product Marketing/Management globally and enlarge GE Digital eccosystem. Active in Industrial Internet of Things for +10 years, and has a long experience in Industrial IT & Automation, Vision & Telecom in different mananging roles, both as a developer and user. Deliver business & technology expertise in GE solutions with a focus one Asset Performance Management, Field Service Management, Operational Performance Management, MES & Automation. This will help customers to improve their competitiveness and become a true digital company from edge to cloud. Frequently used as speaker in several big events about Industrial Internet of Things/IIoT.

09:30 Workshop, part 1 – group assignments, discussions, presentations

10:30 Coffee Break

10.45 Workshop, part 2 – group assignments, discussions, presentations

12.00 Conclusions and end of workshop

Workshop Stream 2 (08:30-12:00): 5G for Transportation/Connected Cars

Anna Holte Rost


Anna Holte-Rost, Business Change Leader and Senior Program Manager with extensive experience from the telecom industry

Workshop agenda Stream 2

08:30 Welcome and introduction

09:00 Case presentation – V2P connectivity and monetization of data generation

  • V2P overview – latest updates and what’s expected/planned
  • Changing social, economic, and technological landscapes that make V2P both a necessity for driver/pedestrian safety and opportunity commercially
  • Where V2P will be most relevant and why
  • How V2P will fuel new verticals in data and monetization of that data
  • Ethical considerations of V2P and greatest challenges to expect

Christina BjörnströmChristina Björnström, SVP Key Account Manager, Terranet, is an experienced business leader with a strong background in entrepreneurship and marketing. Formerly, Christina served as the Executive Director of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce New England and has before that, extensive experience from tech startups, social enterprise and investigative journalism. As the SVP Key Account Manager, Christina has a great understanding for the market and the development of vehicle-to-pedestrian technology.

09:30 Workshop, part 1 – group assignments, discussions, presentations

10:30 Coffee Break

10.45 Workshop, part 2 – group assignments, discussions, presentations

12.00 Conclusions and end of workshop

Workshop Stream 3 (08:30-12:00): 5G for City Management

Steve Brdarski


Steve Brdarski, Senior management and transformation adviser with extensive experience from the telecom and energy industry as well as the city management area.

Workshop agenda Stream 3

08:30 Welcome and introduction

09:00 Case presentation – The role of a network operator in a connected/Smart city

  • Narrowband iot
  • Iot platform
  • Cyber security
  • Sustainable digitalization
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Licensed access
  • Eco System
  • Process integration

Magnus LeonhardtMagnus Leonhardt, Strategy and Innovation Manager for Telia Sverige. Magnus balances the long-term change process and customer-driven innovation by challenging the business in everyday life.

Magnus has worked in several business disciplines and has long experience of business development in both large and small organizations, both locally and globally, but always focusing on how to best utilize technology to create value in the business. “I am always incredibly curious about how to create value in new ways and in new types of host-creating networks. That’s why I’m really going on thinking radically differently and if there are new disruptive techniques and ways of thinking around the corner. “

09:30 Cities as enables of 5G development

  • 5G implementation in cities happens in collaboration between cities and operators
  • Implementation of 5G-related infrastructure requires changes in planning and permitting practices and city asset management
  • Together with operators and hardware vendors, Finnish cities are testing out various approaches to meet the new requirements

Anssi SavisaloAnssi Savisalo, Business Director, Sitowise, is an experienced urban professional with almost 20 years of working experience with the built environment as a city planner and strategic consultant as well as in the role of supervising state authority. In recent years he has moved into digital management of urban data in form of 3D city models and data management systems. He is the chair of City working group in BuildingSMART Finland organization, promoting open data interoperability and combining building information modeling (BIM) with geographical data (GIS). Since 2016 Savisalo works in Sitowise Ltd, a leading Finnish urban design and consultant company with some 1600 employees, After working in both 3D data management and urban design projects as well as in research projects. Savisalo now leads the business development of 5g related services in Sitowise.

09:45 Workshop, part 1 – group assignments, discussions, presentations

10:30 Coffee Break

10.45 Workshop, part 2 – group assignments, discussions, presentations

12.00 Conclusions and end of workshop

Practical Info & Contact

Practical info & Contact

Conference Dates:
May 22-23, 2019

Conference Venue:
Electrum Restaurant & Conference
Kistagången 16, Kista

5G Summit Steering Group:
Per Danielsson, Editor in Chief, Ny Teknik
Christian Helgesson, CEO, Edlegio
Åsa Severgårdh, Project/Marketing, Edlegio
Henrik Abramowicz, Independent Consultant and Telecom Specialist
Marie Ställvik Sandberg, Independent Consultant

Contact for inquiries:
Christian Helgesson: Christian.helgesson@edlegio.com (conference program, registration of groups etc.)
Åsa Severgårdh: asa.severgardh@edlegio.com (partnerships etc.)

Phone: +46 8 796 65 60

Edlegio AB, Fleminggatan 7, floor 2, Stockholm, Sweden



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